The carousel

20160125- The carousel


It happens that sometimes there are things that bring back very old memories from your childhood, taking you back further in time. And this was what took place last week when I was strolling around my neighbourhood and I suddenly came across this carousel. The sight of this carousel made a strong impression on me, as it was quite different to the old memories I had of this kind of attractions.

I remember quite well when my parents used to bring me to the funfair and how I used to enjoy those few hours in that marvellous word, so bright and shiny, with all those colourful and thunderous attractions. However, when I saw that decrepit and decadent carousel something inside me just extinguished. That single sight was a sudden collision with reality. So depressing it was that I wouldn’t have been surprised if an old clown had shown up in the middle of the square, drunk and staggered, with a whiskey bottle in his hand. However, despite that depressing and decrepit appearance, that carousel had an intrinsic and particular charm itself that made you feel weirdly comfortable.

The carousel

My little colourful flying pony

20160104- My little colourful flying pony


– If I were in a desert island, I would bring with me tons of food, thus I would be able to survive for a long time – claimed he firmly – And you Penny, what would you bring to a desert island?

– Me? Hummm… I would bring my little princess Emma doll with me, in such a way I were never alone – answered she.

– Poor little girl!! – said he, chuckling to himself – And what about the food? What would you eat when you are hungry?

– I’d phone telepizza – replied she with determination.

– Phone telepizza? But, how are you supposed to phone to telepizza if you don’t have any mobile phone in the desert island? – asked he angrily.

– Ohh – mumbled she, glancing down.

– And assuming you have your mobile phone with you – continued he – how would you manage to recharge the battery of your mobile phone? Because the batteries don’t last forever.

– Well… – she looked him thoughtfully, and after a while she claimed – I would recharge the battery in Mr. Wilson’ s shop, who is a good friend of mine and is bound to let me do it.

– Ha, ha! – he laughed out load – And how in the hell could you get from this faraway desert island to Mr. Wilson’s shop?

– Hummm… – she seemed to go blank, but after a while she replied happily: – Well, I guess I’d get there with my little colourful flying pony.


My little colourful flying pony