My neighbour

20160219- My neighbor

Something strange is happening in my live, which is making me more and more nervous. The whole thing has to do with my neighbour and how he is behaving with my wife and me lately.

We have been living in this residential area in the suburbs of the city for twenty years and, since then, we have been enjoying a peaceful live. From the beginning, the relationship with our neighbour has been very correct, from both parts.

However, from several months ago, I´ve noticed a change in his behaviour that makes me to be suspicious of him: his visits are more and more frequent, he´s continuously asking me about my health and he´s always patronizing me. I´ve even caught him speaking to my wife on the street several times. I feel really disconcerted about him, and don´t know what to think. If I didn’t trust my wife so much, I would have suspected that she was cheating on me.

After considering the problem at length, I decided to speak directly to my wife about it and let her know about my worry. However, a weird happening that took place last week, shook me profoundly. I had never been so surprise in all my life, when I overheard my neighbour whispering my wife: “I can´t put up with this situation anymore. Dad´s disease is tormenting me. He can´t even recognize his own son. He is always mistaking me for the neighbour.”


My neighbour

That’s me

20160201- That's me.jpg


I’ve been a bit depressed for the last years (more than twenty years, indeed) just because I haven´t been able to get over the deep oblivion in which I fell one day. This is my story:

I used to be the main character of a well-known commercial on TV in the late nineties. Those were good times !!! I became famous very quickly and I remember walking in the street and being constantly stopped and asked for photographs or autographs. Consequently, they were crazy years: parties, celebrities, drugs and dolls. In fact, I was the most desired and successful guy at that moment. All girls wanted to go out with me, even just for one night.

But, after those few years of fame, I finally was forgotten. The fame, easy comes, easy goes. One day I found myself sad, abandoned, confused and, because of the situation, pathetically depressed. And, worst of all, I ended up as a toy in a toyshop where, after several months in the shop window, I was finally bought by a very nice family. Since then, I have been living in the bedroom of the younger son, James. Even though I´ve always been really well treated and he always took care of me, I felt very disappointed with life. Just imagine what a change: from being the idol of thousands of teenagers in the world to end up in the bedroom of a little boy, together with Mr. Potato, which even though is a nice guy, it’s not the kind of company I dreamt.

However, over the years, things have gradually improved, as I have been getting used to my new situation. Nowadays, I’m fully enjoying my humble life, my relationship with James and with all my friends: the good of Mr. Potato, the strong He-man, the snooty Barbie or even the new ones, those strange Invizimals.

From all this, I can only give you some advice: Not only is important to adapt yourself to the changes in your life but, and especially, to live your life as it comes, enjoying what you have, that for sure it’s more than a little !!!


That’s me