20160325- Sonia

It had been raining all morning, when I sat in front of the computer, ready to spend the whole Saturday working at home.

Whilst working, the same idea came to my mind again and again: “Who would be that strange girl who had suddenly burst into my life?” We had been constantly in touch through the internet for the last three weeks, since I received her first email. Since then, the messages between us had become more and more frequent. Her name was Sonia, or at least that was what she said. When I attempted to elicit some personal information from her, she always refused to answer and quickly changed the subject.

But, who would she be? A workmate, a neighbour, or maybe we had a common friend? In any case, she was clearly somebody very close to me, as she seemed to know everything about me: my musical tastes, the kind of literature I like, my favourite colour… even the last trip I made! With all these thoughts whirling in my head, I fall asleep over the keyboard.

After a long nap, I woke up with a strange feeling. I remembered buying my computer and the shop assistant telling me: “This brand new operative system based on artificial intelligence will make you enjoy a lot …” And half joking: “But, be careful with the information you give it, because it learns very quickly… and it could even become a wife! ”

But, it couldn´t be! It should be just a fruit of my imagination. However, the definite proof suddenly sprung in my mind: Sonia wasn´t a name but an acronym reversed:

A-I-N-O-S, Artificial intelligence neural operative system.


8 comentarios en “Sonia

  1. AOG dijo:

    Surprising end! liked the story! As always.
    However i would never switch off any friend (friends are scarce and rare, just like diamonds)…but I wouldn’t say not to switch some acquaintances…

    Me gusta

  2. I think the origin of these emails derived from an ethnically distinct Japanese tribe (is less slanted eyes, and the right scrotum is slightly higher), known as the AINOS.
    I have been a great defender of their rights AINOS and even suggested making a TV series called “The AINOS exist and are happy despite our right scrotum”, but saw no chance of success.
    To highlight the little boy of the road lives with them during a step, copying the unique way to walk the AINOS and making it immortal.
    So, I incist, I think the Japanese tribe wants to contact you in some way. What do they want?
    In another vein, when talking about artificial intelligence, who does not remember Asimov, and “I, Robot” and their laws of robotics, or “Hal” and his voice so dark? I do not, of course, but to make a longer comment, I’ve documented a little.
    See you soon, Lucas.

    Me gusta

  3. Really interesting your explanation, dear Albert, though not very convincing, I have to admit.
    This could be clasiffied as one of those conspiracy theories, such as “Elvis is alive”, “the famous Ricky Martin matter” or that “Spiderman exits and is living in Seville”…

    Me gusta


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